"With this scholarship, I can see that there's a bright future coming my way."

-Tisanna Rolland, Class of 2022

"having a full ride into college will help me to focus more on my academics."

-M. Murillo, Class of 2022

The Warhawk Lancer Scholars

We are proud of our scholars. Each scholar is free to choose their own program of study in college. Our scholars are pursuing education, nursing, engineering, automotive tech, social work and IT fields. Some of our students are pursuing two year certificates, some are preparing to transfer to 4-year degree programs. They can have any plan that fits their unique purpose, but the must have a plan.

Our college counselors work with each student monthly to make sure that their plan is working, and that they are working their plan. When changes need to be made, we support them and help to make the needed changes.

In addition to the core aspects of our scholarship program, our scholars have access to two other important support opportunities.

The first is a “barrier fund.” For our students, many of whom are first generation college students, many of whom come from low income families, minor setbacks can become major roadblocks to education. If the family car breaks down, or a parent loses their job, without additional support our students may drop out of school. We help to bridge that gap to help them maintain focus on their studies.

Second, we support students’ summer school tuition. Many students prefer to continue through the summer, but financial aid does not support that expense. We help to cover the costs of summer school so that our students can keep making progress all year.

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