Board of Directors

Dora King
Founding President
Dr. Sylvia Johnson-Jones
Founding Vice-President
Dr. John P. Price
Founding Director
Oscar Hawthorne
Founding Director
Gregory Volan

John & Kathleen Schreiber Foundation Grant

NCPEF has received a $1.5 million grant from the John & Kathleen Schreiber Foundation. This 5-year grant will allow us to hire professional staff to support fundraising and operations and to further support our students. This grant ensures that 100% of all other donations go exclusively to programs for our students.

Our Class of 2023 Sponsors

The incredible group of sponsors are people, foundations, and organizations that have decided to support the post-secondary dreams of North Chicago High School graduates. Our sponsors believe that students should write their own story of success, and that community college should be free for our students.

Valedictorian Sponsors

| $48k+

Faith Lutheran Church

Salutatorian Sponsors

| $24k+

Gorter Family Foundation
The Grainger Foundation
Schreiber Philanthropy
Steans Family Foundation
Vivo Foundation

Degree Sponsors

| $12,000

3-Semester Sponsors

| $9,000

Nancy Considine

2-Semester Sponsors

| $6,000

Sally and Tom Coyle
Jennifer and David Grumhouse, Jr.

1-Semester Sponsors

| $6,000

Allendale Association
Jean and Preston Price

View our sponsors over the years: 2019, 2020

Support our mission. Consider donating to build the post-secondary opportunities of North Chicago graduates today.